Friday, December 7, 2018

Raney's Rock Stars: Week 15

This week was filled with culminating learning events. To begin the week, a load of wood was provided for our Forest Classroom. This load was delivered to the blacktop and we had to get it to our forest classroom. This is quite a way! All 21 students work collaboratively and problem solved what was the best way to get the wood done to the woods most efficiently. Through trial and error, slipping and falling, they came up with a great plan and really worked as a team. The wood is now all where it needs to be. 😃 This week we finished our second math unit. The focus on this unit was an introduction to multiplication. Students have been working with area models and through the use of arrays, really seeing multiplication as repeated addition. On Wednesday, all third graders were fortunate enough to visit Second Grade as they presented their first project, answering the question, "What can we do to help protect Monarch Butterflies?" It was wonderful to see the second-grade projects, as well as observe how thoughtful and invested our third graders were to their fellow DBS members. On Thursday, we had a day filled with fun! The field trip to the HOP was amazing! We had a wonderful time watching a circus act perform with a mechanical twist. Yesterday was also our Winter Concert. It was wonderful to see all of their hard work over the past few months come together last night in such a beautiful way. Today we will venture out in the woods, looking for signs of animal life and pick our favorite "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree.

Questions to spark conversation:
-What were some challenges of getting the wood to your forest classroom this week? How did you persevere through those challenges?
-How was your field trip? What part of the performance did you like the best?
-How did the man at Cirque Mechanics get his suitcase to stay in one place?
-What song was your favorite song from the concert and why?
-Where did Seesaw get its name from?
-Can you explain a little more about your Seesaw post this week?

Feeling strong after hauling all of that wood!

Signing Thank You cards to our amazing donors! There is still time to donate to our project!

Listening to 2nd Graders' presentations

All School Recess Friday Morning

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Raney's Rock Stars: Week 14

What a busy week!  We started off with our gingerbread extravaganza.  Our 3rd-grade Otters used teamwork to create a unique gingerbread house.  This project seemed to kick off our holiday spirit!
In math, we worked hard to strengthen our understanding of multiplication through number puzzles, math games, and patterns in the multiplication table.  In reader's workshop, students continue to build on their voice, fluency and comprehending their text on a deeper level.  In writer's workshop, our non-fiction teaching books continue to grow. Students have chosen topics they feel they are "Experts" in. Students are writing more chapters and thinking about what makes a good introduction.  On Thursday, we enjoyed a visit from the AVA Gallery. We will be participating in their AVA Galley: Young Art Detectives program. Mrs. Shimko came to our classroom and taught us about some of Hartford's history. We focused on the Flood of 1927, and students created beautiful illustrations of the flood and what it might have looked like in Hartford at that time. We ended our week in the forest with more team building activities and exploration in the snow. 

Week 13: A Very Quick Week

We ventured into a new space in the woods for a special treat on Tuesday before vacation! 
Students built skyscrapers! We're focusing on creating multiplication arrays. 

Check out those windows!

We had "snow" much fun outside on Tuesday. 

Reaching new heights

Friday, November 16, 2018

Raney's Rock Stars: Week 12

We had such a great week this week, ending with an amazing afternoon in the woods. The week began learning more about multiplication. We focused on looking at different arrays and how to break them apart to multiply their parts. We discussed the ideas of factors and multiples. Students built various multiplication trains with unifix cubes. In Science, we began our newest unit of study: Animals Over Time. Students were introduced to different habitats around the world and how fossils are clues to a habitat's past. In writing, students began their informational unit. They spoke about topics they are already familiar with and shared their knowledge with their peers. We began learning about the use of a Table of Content, and why they are important when structuring their writing. Lastly, today all students were able to open their letters of encouragement. Thank you so much for your kind words. Every child was so thrilled to receive a personalized letter. Your words are worth their weight in gold!

Here are some questions to spark conversation:
-What is a fossil?
-How did a whale fossil show up in the grasslands of Illinois?
-What topic are you writing your informational piece on?
-What was your favorite part about the Forest this week?
-What is a factor? What is a multiple of 3?

We created personalized "pads" for our sit spots in the woods. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

Raney's Rock Stars: Week 11

This week was full of new learning and exploration. As learners, students have been introduced to multiplication this week, with the idea that multiplication is simply repeated addition. We have begun to look at the array model, as many of you will see in their SeeSaw posts this week. This week our WIN groups began as well. The entire 2nd and 3rd-grade teams are working together to further instruct students in the area of reading. The whole class did an excellent job role modeling CSR behavior while in these groups. In other areas of learning, we have discussed what our tools for success have been and how it feels when we are successful. This past Wednesday was the best day in school we have had so far this year! They rocked it. We were all so proud of ourselves and others. It was a great day. Yesterday, I was able to attend a Technology Conference and I cannot wait to try some new things with them next week. This week is our last Forest Friday with the Growing Change group from Dartmouth.

Here are some questions to spark conversation:
-How did you play Rock, Paper, Scissors with your House?
-What tools do you use most to be successful?
-Who is winning the Fraction Race and how do you know?
-What is an array? What is area?
-Which planet, continent, country, state, town, street to you live on?
-Why is the sun important?
-What is WIN? And what book are you working on in your WIN group?

Raney's Rock Stars: Week 10

Catching up from last week! We had our Family Forest Work Day, Our 3rd Grade Writers Celebration, followed by Halloween, a Celebration for earning over 3,000 tokens and Family Conferences to end the week! It sure was busy. Here are some pictures from that week. Sorry for the delay.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Raney's Rock Stars: Week 9

This week was full of hard work. We finished our first math unit together, which required students to show all they have learned so far. We also finished up our first science unit last week, and they were assessed on this. Tuesday we got a special surprise. Mrs. Shepard's husband donated wood to our classroom to use to build a bridge in the woods this weekend! Together, students lifted and moved the wood to our trail. It certainly took a lot of communication and teamwork. On Thursday, our school was filled with ORANGE everywhere. Unity Day was a huge success at DBS. We just finished our latest read aloud, The Hundred Dresses, which focuses on a girl named Wanda who was bullied at school. Another main character Maddie learned the importance of standing up to bullying. Students created an art project to reflect the hundred dresses of the story. I'm hoping they will share more details of the story with you at home.

Reminder: Please join us on Sunday, October 28th at 10am to work on our Forest Classroom.

Questions to spark conversation:
1. Who is Wanda and why was she bullied at school?
2. Who is Maddie and how did she change over time? What made her want to change?
3. What scenarios did you see at the Unity Day celebration?
4. What is an Upstander?
5. How are you doing on your personal goal? What are you doing to achieve success on your goal?